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2 Month Went By Fast

May 12th, 2008 at 11:44 am

So this is what has happened since the last entry:

1. Refinance My Mortgage from 6.75% 30yr fixed to 5.5% 15yr fixed. Cost me $700 in fees. But will save me close to $80,000 in the long run. My payment went up $150, but I can afford that.

2. Bought a new car with almost $4000 down. As of today I have $10,400 on the loan with a monthly payment of a little over $300.

3. Got my new car rear-ended. $1800 in damage. Got my car fixed, looks brand new again. Cost me a whole lot of time and $50.

4. Bought a bike for $325. Will save me about $1 everytime I ride my bike to work. It will take me a few trips to earn it back.

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