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I need a new car

February 18th, 2008 at 06:02 am

This morning I couldn't get my car started. I know the problem: yesterday it was warm (well, relatively, 40F) and humid; a lot of water condensed on the parts inside the distributor; the temperature dropped to the mid twenties; the condensation on the distributor parts froze.

Anyway, I just used the brute force method and cranked the starter motor for a full half minute until all the ice came off the distributer and the engine finally turned over. A good thing I have a good battery. If I had a second car, I would replace the distributor in a heartbeat, but I feel uncomfortable messing with my only mode of transportation. Especially in the winter.

The last time I did a mundane job on my car; change my front brake pads and rotors; I snapped off the heads of a couple bolts, which I had to drill out and re-tap. This job that should take an hour at most, took me almost 6 hours instead. Now I'm very hesitant to work on this piece of junk car myself again (it is 12 years old by now...).

In any case, so I need another car. I'm looking in the $15K-$20K price range. This means I'm look at cars like the Corolla, Cobalt/Malibu, G5/G6, Civic etc. However, I wish it was so easy. When I go online to price cars, and I call the dealership, they have entirely different prices. Anyway, knowing myself, I know I won't get to buying an actual car for at least another couple months.

1 Responses to “I need a new car”

  1. Todd the Bod Says:

    I have a 2007 G6 and my wife has a 2005 Cobalt. We each love our cars. Smile
    I've read the best way to get a decent price on a car is to send an e-mail to all dealers within a 50 mile radius and tell them exactly what you're looking for. Then take the two or three best offers and pit them against one another until one says they can't go any lower.

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