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You got hosed Tommy, you got hosed...

January 28th, 2008 at 01:20 pm

Most of us have been negatively affected by the recent 'downturn' in the economy. The result so far is there is less incentive than ever to save. I must admit I'm in no dire position at the moment, nevertheless I feel the need to vent a little:

Unscrupulous lenders or greedy borrowers?
I'm a big proponent of taking responsibility for one's actions. So who do I blame? Mostly the greedy borrowers. When I bought my house, I went to the local credit union for a mortgage. I was looking for the $150K to $200K range. What did the CU tell me? "Sir, you are eligible to borrow up to $350K." Say what? Tempting... But seriously, I'm not THAT stupid. My payments were going to be $2300/mo. We make $4200/mo, so it wasn't really out of the realm of possibilities. My point is, one should have a realistic view of what he or she can afford. Especially if you have other debts like student loans, credit cards or auto loans. The credit union didn't push any harder to get us a bigger loan, but it did *allow* us to get one. Note: I must, however, admit that I would not be considered *subprime*. So here's to less greedy and more realistic borrowers.

Companies that send jobs overseas or unions that demand too high wages.
I am from Michigan, so I know all about what damage unions can do to a local economy *cough* UAW *cough*. But do I really blame them? Yes and no. I blame them for *still* being so stubborn on compensation. $50/hour pay+benefits for a line worker!?!? Come on! That's twice as much as I make with a professional degree. No wonder jobs go overseas! I find it comforting to know that new hires can be employed for $16-$25/hour wages+benefits. This seems much more reasonable. You can't ship jobs overseas for that! Besides these pay ranges definitely do not make you poor.

Companies that send jobs overseas or people who do not buy *made in the (U.S.)* (or the country you are from)...
I am the first one to admit I don't even look if something is *made in the US* Unless it's a car or something *big*. I badly want to buy GM, Ford, Chrysler. But seriously, please give me some good options! I am willing to pay a premium if it is *made in the US* but it needs to be as well build as overseas brands (with that I mean Honda or Toyota).

What are you doing with that big credit card debt?
I understand,that is, if you work hard (say 60 hrs/week), and you make $10/hr or less, that things may become tight, financially wise, and you may run up some debt here or there. But I know plenty of people that don't work hard and still spend like they're millionaires. They say that there are no jobs, etc. excuses, etc. My goodness, Burger King has a big banner posting they are hiring. Ok, so you think you're too good for that job, that's fine, but stop spending like a millionaire then.

Who's going to pick up your garbage?
Everyone is getting college degrees these days...and less and less people are using them in their daily work life. What a waste of energy and time. People have to understand there is NOTHING WRONG with having no college degree. But there's a LOT WRONG with ignorance. We also need people that do the mundane things. People who clean, pick up garbage, deliver mail, answer the telephones, etc. etc. and they should be paid at least the same as those working at an assembly line.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm p***ed my yield rates are down.

3 Responses to “You got hosed Tommy, you got hosed...”

  1. Maismom Says:

    Very well said, and I totally agree with your points.

    I just wanted to say one thing about made in U.S. stuff. Some people say they don't buy Honda or Toyota because they're not made in U.S. Well, that is not true. Mr. Honda was a big believer to give back to people who are buying his products, so most of Honda cars are actually made in USA, made by American people. Toyota is opening up factories everywhere in U.S. and employing many Americans as well.

    On the other hand, we bought a Dodge truck, and guess where it was made? Mexico.

    World is getting smaller and smaller, and we cannot simply assume American companies actually make things in U.S. anymore.

    Sorry it's little off topic. Very good post, by the way.

  2. M E Says:

    As a fellow Michiganian (sorry, a Michigander is a Michigan goose ) all I can say is Hallelujah and Amen!

    I see/hear all the time these auto workers boo-hooing about their jobs and I wish I could/would walk up to them and say, instead of blaming your employer for your troubles, why don't you blame your union for pricing you out of a job! @@

  3. mulyanto Says:

    Maismom - Good point about where those cars are manufactured. I guess there is some good and some bad. The ideal thing however would be a car that is both engineered AND manufactured in the U.S. by a U.S. company.

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